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Nature path at Cedar Beach, Mt. Sinai

The nature path at Cedar Beach, Harbor Beach Road, Mount Sinai, starts off with a basketball court as you walk in. As you walk, you will see two brown chimneys, which are chimney swift nesting houses built by Eagle Boy Scouts. Once you pass the bird homes, you will see open sandy beach and trees. There are many cactuses along the side of the path. There are a lot of wrens and sparrows hidden in the brush.

In the summer, a small conservatory building is open. In the back of the conservatory, there are two small blue pools with fish that you can touch. Next to the conservatory, there is a picnic area with lunch tables and a gazebo. Surrounding the picnic area are a lot of white birches. Be careful when walking on this path, because if you go off the path, there is a lot of poison ivy hiding by your feet.

Once the trees start to lower in numbers, the memorial benches increase. There are a lot of berries on the bushes and shrubs by the benches. In the concrete and some of the sand, the are animal footprints, including those of deer, rabbits, raccoons and dogs. On the sand by the end of the path, there are piping plover nesting grounds that are blocked off. The nature path is a beautiful site. It is also great for learning about wildlife.


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