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Nature's Classroom teaches life lessons

My class went on a trip to Nature's Classroom in Lakeside, Conn. ( Among the many things we worked on, one that stood out for me, was IALAC.

IALAC has many meanings: One meaning is I Am Loving And Caring. You should always be loving and caring to others. You do this by being respectful to adults, helping friends and caring for those in need. You should do it all the time.

Another meaning is: I Always Love A Challenge: You should always want to do something new when there is a chance. You want to because you might never again have a chance to do it.

On our field trip, there was a bead on a necklace we called "bling on a string." One person started with the necklace and when someone performed IALAC to them, they would give the bead to that person. Throughout the trip, more were added in. At the end of the trip, we were told to take it home and continue passing it around.

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