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Actress and author Pauley Perrette talk to Kidsday

Kidsday reporters met author and actress Pauley Perrette,

Kidsday reporters met author and actress Pauley Perrette, and her co-authors (left, back) Darren Greenblatt and Matthew Sandusky (right, wearing hat and glasses) at the Barnes and Noble store in Tribeca. They wrote the book "Donna Bell's Bake Shop." Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met actress Pauley Perrette, and her two book co-authors Darren Greenblatt and Matthew Sandusky at the Barnes & Noble store in Tribeca recently. Their new book is "Donna Bell's Bake Shop." Pauley also stars as Abby Sciuto on the TV series "NCIS."

So Pauley, you say that the greatest thing about being an actor is that you get to disappear for a while. So what is the greatest thing about being an author?

People are very curious about what we did and what's interesting about the book, people love food and they love treats, but it's also not just a cookbook, it's the story of me and my mom and Darren and his family and Matthew and his family and all of us growing up and how we all met and us together and going in and creating a bake shop together. I think what's really fun about this is two things. First of all the people get to read a very touching story if that's what they're interested in and second of all they get to make wonderful food.

What is your favorite recipe?

Darren: He [Matthew] created the recipes and I tasted every single one.

Matthew: There's a rule, the chef never eats.

Pauley: He's been saying that for years. He'll make huge dinners for all of us and we're all talking about how delicious it is and he's like, "The chef never eats." He'll taste along the way a little bit as he's cooking, but not when it's done.

Darren: I love the frosted brownie, I love the cheddar biscuits, bacon biscuits. I mean there's nothing in there that isn't good.

Do you think you would have opened a bake shop if it wasn't for Darren suggesting the idea?

Pauley: No, I don't think I would have. It was such an interesting suggestion. We were actually on a plane to Paris doing a magazine shoot at the time. What I find so interesting is my background is in sociology, psychology and criminal science. That's what I studied in college. Darren is a fashion design major and Matthew's a political science major. And we own a bakery.

Darren: That should also tell you that you can do tons of things in your life and then change gears, try something new, dive deep into something and try something else.

Matthew: And still go to college.

Pauley: No matter what, go to college.

Pauley, we read that you considered yourself to be a geek in college. How has this self-proclaimed geek quality helped you with writing this book? Pauley: You could be talking about any of the three of us. Would that be me the geek? I was really dedicated to what I was learning. I loved being especially, a sociology major. I wasn't so focused in high school, I wish I had done a little more, but I didn't. Once I got to college it all just clicked for me and I was so into my studies, so into, like, learning.

Darren: I was the kid at 15, I wanted to be a fashion designer and I came to New York and did it and worked in the fashion industry. You find your way.

The three of you must have a blast when you're all together. Could you tell us a funny story that happened in the bake shop?

Darren: The one thing I will say that happens when we all get together is we laugh a lot.

Matthew: We're not together enough. We have to get months and months of laughing and fun all like in two days. So it's like right now we're doing it.

Pauley: There's also been times where I've been crying for a long time and you two just like sat there with me. It's good. It's good to have people that you can laugh and laugh with and also sit there and cry your eyes out and don't feel embarrassed in front of them.

Pauley, this is about your show. How does your character influence your regular life?

Pauley: I love my job. I'm so grateful in the path that I've taken and my crazy life. Every day when I wake up and say my prayers, I thank God for my jobs. The gratefulness is there, but also how does my life influence Abby's, which is people are already trying to figure out how alike we are and how not alike we are. But we're very different people. She's very put together and I'm not. She's very tidy and I'm not. But there's things that lead over. I'm from the South and I hug everyone all the time and that's how that came about with Abby. She does everybody. That's the Southern way. It's the Southern handshake. So there's little things that they've taken from me and put into Abby. Sometimes they'll steal little stories like the story in NCIS about Abby crawling through.

We heard Michael Weatherly visited the shop has anyone else from NCIS cast?

Pauley: Oh yeah. Rocky Carroll who plays Director, Vance came to opening. One of our writers and director . . . Pretty much anyone that comes and visits New York goes to the shop. Everybody I think.

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