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Nerf and Zing toys

Kidsday reporters Angel Basilio, top left, Michael Cecere,

Kidsday reporters Angel Basilio, top left, Michael Cecere, Dylan Dascoli, Apostolis Morozinis, Bryan Massion, bottom left, and Vincent Gallitto tried out new Nerf and Zing toys. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We tested out a few Nerf and Zing products and we think they are so much fun to play with:

Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster was tested by Apostolis. He wrote: “The Nerf RotoFury Blaster is mostly red, with white, gray and orange. The Nerf RotoFury gun comes with 10 Mega Whistler darts. This RotoFury Blaster is a lot of fun. I liked it because it’s a big gun and it shoots far. I also like the whistling darts. It is very simple to use and I love the rotating barrel.

AGES 8 and older

RATING 5 smiles

Angel tested the Air Archer (GEO Space). He wrote: “It is a bow and arrow. The arrow is a soft pump rocket. It flies 150 feet. I had so much fun launching the darts!”

AGES 5 and older

RATING 4 smiles

Michael tested the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster. He wrote: “This toy shoots Nerf darts. It has a clip that hold the foam and darts and that is how the darts go into the ECS-10. I played with my cousins. I like the EC-10 a lot. I only wish it came with more darts.

AGES 8-9

RATING 4.5 smiles

Dylan tested the The Zombie Strike (Nerf). He wrote: “It is a yellow Nerf gun that shoots green darts and green silly string. It can be used to prank friends. I pranked my dad. I shot him with the silly string, the silly string was oily. I used it in my backyard with my dad and friends. I like it because it has soft darts so you do not hurt your friends when shooting. The Zombie strike was fun because you can use your imagination that there are zombies that you can shoot with the zombie repellant.

AGES 5 and older

Rating 4 smiles

Vincent tried the The Zing Dino Hunterz Crossbow is a green and orange crossbow. The crossbow includes a dino scope, dino darts and a wall target. I used the toy outside and I enjoyed playing with this toy very much. I thought this crossbow shot really far. The aim was very accurate and it shot super fast.


AGES 8 and older

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