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This Nerf enthusiast shoots the works

Kidsday reporter Jaden Alessio with some of his

Kidsday reporter Jaden Alessio with some of his Nerf guns. Credit: Alessio family

Do you collect Nerf guns? There are many types and many different-named guns like the Rival, the Mastodon and the Centurion. Each Nerf does something different, and that adds to the fun. I have 25.

Nerf is sold at a lot of stores. Nerf guns are fun to play with because they don’t hurt like other guns because the darts are made of foam and the guns are made of plastic. How hard the gun shoots depends on what type it is. Nerf guns like the Centurion and the Rival shoot harder than most of the other guns.

There are simple guns that hold one dart. Those guns are called Jolts. They shoot far but not very hard. A Jolt would be better for a long-distance shot.

There are other Nerf guns that are rapid-fire. They shoot dart after dart. I have a bunch of Nerf machine guns, and they work really well. Most machine guns have dart clips. Dart clips attach to the bottom of a gun and hold extra darts. The Mastodon can shoot 24 darts nonstop.

There are many different ways to play against your friends either outside or inside. I don’t think they will ever go out of style. They are fun to use and collect.

Stefanie Baldante’s fifth-grade class, W.S. Mount Elementary School, Stony Brook

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