We tested two Nerf toys: N-Strike Modulus and Rebelle Arrow Revolution.

Christopher wrote: N-Strike Modulus is a Nerf gun. This toy can be used as an add-on to upgrade a Nerf Modulus blaster or it can be used alone with foam darts and an attachable blast shield. It can be played with right out of the box. The darts are easy to load and no batteries are required.

It is an awesome toy! Even though it is small, the darts can travel extremely far.

AGES 7 and older

RATING 5 smiles

The Rebelle Arrow Revolution was tested by Carley. She wrote: It comes with six rubber arrows and a really cool bow. And it looks cool too! This toy requires some adult assembly to get started. This toy is very fun to play with because you can have contests with your friends on how far you can shoot the arrows.

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AGES 7 and older

RATING 4 smiles