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'Tall Girl' sends a positive message

Actors Luke Eisner, who stars as Stig, and

Actors Luke Eisner, who stars as Stig, and Ava Michelle, who stars as Jodi, in the Netflix movie "Tall Girl." Credit: Netflix / Scott Saltzman

We highly recommend the Netflix movie “Tall Girl,” starring Ava Michelle, as Jodi Kreyman, because it sends a good and positive message throughout the film. The movie is easy to relate to and at times can be funny, and other times emotional.

“Tall Girl” is about a girl named Jodi who is self conscious about her height.  She is a 16-year-old high school student and she is 6-foot-1 and wears size 13 men's Nikes. She felt so overwhelmed and different until she met Stig, a tall and handsome foreign exchange student from Sweden. Stig (Luke Eisner) moves in with Jack Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck), and Dunkleman is not happy about it! Dunkleman has been best friends with Jodi since kindergarten and he has developed strong feelings for her. What follows is a story about relationships and learning to feel good about who you are.

Wait until you hear what some of the school bullies say to Ava! But  the best thing is how she handles the bullies. We think you will like Ava’s school best friend, Fareeda (played by Anjelika Washington) a lot. Everyone should have a friend like her. She is funny, self-assured and cares so much for Ava. When the bullies attacked, Fareeda was there for her.

Ava thinks that the mesage in the movie is to stand tall, show who you are and to have confidence in yourself.  When we interviewed Ava Michelle at the AOL Build Studio for an upcoming Kidsday feature, we asked her about the film’s message. She said, “One of the best things about this movie, and one of the biggest reasons I wanted this role so badly was because I feel like we all are struggling and we all go through the same things;  and that we all need to love ourselves, because we are all people and we are strong. Jodi is a really good inspiration for that.”  

Also in the cast is actress Sabrina Carpenter who plays Ava’s sister, Harper Kreyman. She is talented, beautiful, but most of all, supportive of Jodi. She and Jodi are more than sisters, they are best friends. We think this is a good message because we can all see something about our own lives’ in Jodi’s story.

Ava Michelle was so great in the film as was the rest of the "Tall Girl" cast. We rate this film 5 smiles. Watch the movie and see who gets the girl . . . Jack Dunkleman or Stig?

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