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Malcolm Mitchell talks to Kidsday about his book ‘The Magician’s Hat’

New England Patriots wide receiver and author Malcolm

New England Patriots wide receiver and author Malcolm Mitchell with Kidsday reporters from left, David Bailey, Amiya Garcia and Allison Lamitie. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Have you read “The Magician’s Hat”? It is an amazing book (Scholastic) by Malcolm Mitchell, the New England Patriots wide receiver. The story is about telling kids to follow their dreams in an imaginative and fun way. This story is about kids who reach into a magician’s hat and pull out books with their dreams coming out of it. Here are three reasons why we think this book is just perfect for younger readers:

We found the story to be very inspiring and we think Malcolm is helping kids with reading with this amazing book. We even think this book will help kids our age and younger to read better and have more of an understanding of reading. And, finally, the story encourages kids to follow their dreams through reading. We already knew Malcolm is a very talented NFL football player and now we know he also has a great talent as an author. Get his new book now.

We were lucky enough to go to Scholastic Books offices in Manhattan and meet Malcolm. We talked to him about the book and his career in the NFL. One of our questions was about his coach Bill Belichick. We wanted to know if he was as “interesting” in person as he is on TV. Malcolm laughed and responded: “He’s an amazing guy and let’s just leave it at that.”

Malcolm was able to do what so many NFL players hope to do and that is play in a Super Bowl. We asked him what that was like and Malcolm told us that he was so happy to have played in a Super Bowl. It was a feeling he has never felt in his life.

We know that a football career doesn’t last forever so we were curious about what the next five to 10 years hold for him. Malcolm told us he hopes to be writing more children’s books — he has a contract to write two more for Scholastic, and still playing in the NFL.

When Malcolm started to show a big interest in writing and reading, he joined an all-women’s book club. As a joke, we wanted to know if he was really just trying to get a girlfriend. He laughed and told us that a lot of people in the club were older than him and that they had daughters his age. He left it by saying, “You never know!”

He also is teammates with one of the best quarterbacks of all time — Tom Brady. We wanted to know what that was like and Malcolm told us that it is great to have the best quarterback in the league throw him the ball.

To conclude, we all shook Malcolm’s hand and he autographed our books. We were so happy to meet this talented person, but even more, we were so happy to see why reading is important. We had the best time!

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