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What it's like to be the new kids in school

Kidsday reporters Felicity Fitzgerald, left, and Ariel Greenberg

Kidsday reporters Felicity Fitzgerald, left, and Ariel Greenberg are recent arrivals at Wading River Elementary School. Credit: Felicity Fitzgerald and Ariel Greenberg

We recently moved to Wading River School District. We arrived at different times, but we have similar experiences.

It is really fun to be the new kid at school but scary at the same time. For example, we were both very shy when we arrived. But now it is very fun because we got to know the kids way better.

When we got our tours of the school, everyone was so very nice to us. They took us around the school and showed us the teachers, who were very nice. Felicity got to meet her class and Ariel got to share a few laughs with her teacher. Overall it was super-fun to meet everyone.

Thank you “Ducky Mo-Mo” (our silly classroom song) and Mrs. Melissa Levonick’s class of 2019 for a great school year so far. Thank you for letting us tell you about our experiences being the new kids.

Melissa Levonick’s fifth-grade class, Wading River Elementary School

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