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New Orleans has good food, great music and a fantastic aquarium and zoo

Kidsday reporter Michael LaFleur, front left, of Waverly

Kidsday reporter Michael LaFleur, front left, of Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville, in New Orleans with his family: brother, Jack, and sister, Elizabeth; parents, Peter and Christine LaFleur; and grandparents, Joseph and Rosemary D'Antoni. Credit: LaFleur family

Last February break, I traveled on a vacation to New Orleans, known as the Big Easy.

The first awesome thing about the Big Easy was the food, which was great. But two foods really stood out. Beignets (ben-yays) are a New Orleans specialty and are found at a lot of small cafes. There was also the honey glazed biscuits with gravy from a food chain called Willie’s Chicken Shack.

The next thing that was incredible was the music. The music was great because it was all over and it sounded amazing. They had people playing the trumpet, the sax, the drums, and the French horn. But Bourbon Street really hit it out of the park. Why was Bourbon Street so good? Bourbon Street is the home to my favorite burger and jazz music.

An awesome attraction in New Orleans was the Steamboat Natchez. The Steamboat Natchez was a boat on the Mississippi River. On the Steamboat Natchez there was a band, places to eat, an outer deck, and the engine room, where you can see the workings of the boat.

Another two spots in New Orleans are the  zoo and aquarium in the Audubon Institute. The aquarium not only had seals and fish, but also owls and birds commonly found in the area. One of my favorite things happened there: An owl and I  had a staring contest. Crazy, right? It was going to get heated up, but then the owl turned his head.

At the aquarium, there was a half-dome that had small sharks and fish, not only on the left and right, but also above you, swimming overhead. At the zoo, there were lots of animals like snow leopards, cheetahs and tigers.

The last place we visited was the swamp, home of alligators and albatross. We fed the alligators hot dogs, and they practically jumped out of the water to get them.

There you have a place to visit where lots of kids do not often go but has lots of family fun.

Kerry Abernethy’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville

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