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Good Evening

New park going to the dogs

We learned that a dog park will be built right up the road from our school on Boyle Road in Selden.

The area they put aside for the dog park is already fenced in and has many trees. It is a great location.

Kids in our school are so excited, and we think there are many benefits to a dog park. It can serve as a place for community events such as animal adoptions, dog training sessions and dog shows.

Other benefits are that dogs can run around without leashes and socialize with other dogs. Dogs can get the exercise they cannot get from just walking on a leash.

Many areas have no sidewalks, so walking your dog can be dangerous. A dog park also can strengthen the bond between a dog and its owner, and unite the community by bringing together people of all ages share a common love for dogs.

We learned there will be rules for using the dog park. Dogs must be at least four months old to go. That is so they will have had all their shots. Dogs will need to be licensed, too.

Most kids in our class have dogs, so this is exciting for us. There are two groups that have worked hard for years to make this dog park possible. They are LI-DOG and Central Suffolk Paws.

Every community should have a dog park.

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