Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

New plushies for my growing collection

These are not dolls, or stuffed animals. They are plushies, and this is my ever-growing collection. Most of these collectibles consist of video game plushies, but you may find some from TV shows, movies and one of them ("Captain Underpants," up at the top) is even from a book. I have two new plushies that will be joining the ever-expanding roster: Shovel Knight and Captain Toad. The front three are the most important plushies: Piney (I call him that) is from the doll store in Hawaii and is the one of only two that I gave an original name. (The other one is The Purple Shark, but I don't like her that much.) The Shy Guy plushie from the Super Mario franchise is my favorite of my entire collection. And, most importantly, the Kooky Pen Pirate (I still don't see why those aren't popular anymore) was the first plushie I ever owned. This isn't all of my plushies, though. I couldn't find my plushies of Binky and Pac-Man when I took the photo. How many familiar faces can you spot?

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