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New Selena Gomez album is a hit

1173) Kidsday Reporters (l) Diana Hadjiyane, Nicole Farina,

1173) Kidsday Reporters (l) Diana Hadjiyane, Nicole Farina, Cheryl Tung and Ashley Baptiste, ages 12, 13, from Bellmore, Great Neck, Wantagh and Valley Stream. They reviewed Selena Gomez's nd CD "Stars Dance" for Kidsday. Credit: Patrick Mullooly

We absolutely love Selena Gomez's new album, "Stars Dance" (Hollywood Records). We think that she has really stepped out as an artist and grown. "Stars Dance" shows her maturity, struggles and accomplishments.

This album is an anthem for her becoming a true artist. We love the upbeat tunes and how she expresses herself and her love for music through every note.

We believe that her parting with her group, The Scene, was a good choice, because now she can go in the direction that she wants and can make decisions herself. Good job, Selena! You are fantastic.

Get the album -- it's amazing. If you like pop songs, you will like the songs "Birthday," "Come & Get It," and the title song, "Stars Dance."

Nicole and Cheryl especially liked the song "Love Will Remember." They said it meant a lot to them because of the great lyrics and that it was like a ballad and pop song.

Diana thought this was Selena's best album yet. "You can really see the way she has grown as an artist," she said.

Kidsday interviewed Selena after her appearance on the "Live! with Kelly and Michael" show at their studio offices for an upcoming Sunday article. Watch the video of our interview with Selena at

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