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New York Aquarium has many animals to see

Have you ever heard of the New York Aquarium? If you have, then you must have gone there. I have gone there many times and I have learned a lot from my experience. There also are many things that people can learn about the New York Aquarium. Kids can learn many new interesting things about the different species of sea animals, such as penguins, harbor seals, California sea lions and sea otters.

Sea lion shows are great! They dance and swim and do tricks in the Aquatheater. You can even try to communicate with some of the animals. Many animals are endangered, but there also is a show about why and how those animals are endangered and what we can do to help them. It is a fun place for birthday parties, too.

When I first went there, the tickets were sold out for the sea lion show because it is just so popular. The aquarium has a gift shop where you can buy things, and a cameraman will take your picture so you can keep the memories.

The New York Aquarium is at:

602 Surf Ave.,



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