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Pet project: Helping the Bully Crew fight animal abuse

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Caitlin Hanratty

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Caitlin Hanratty

Animal abuse is a problem in today’s world. The New York Bully Crew helps fight against animal abuse by taking in abused dogs and giving them forever homes.

They also stand against the pit bulls stigma that often portrays the breed as vicious and violent. When trained properly, pit bulls can be nice, loving dogs and great companions. The Bully Crew was founded in 2010 by Craig Fields.

Jennifer Talcott, who fosters dogs for Craig Fields, adopted her pit bull, Enzo, in 2011 from the Bully Crew. From then on, Jennifer says she has fostered more than 350 dogs brought to the Bully Crew. What does she loves most about the Bully Crew? "Being able to rehabilitate that dog makes all the difference to me,” she says.

My family's pit bull, adopted from the New York Bully Crew in 2017, was fostered by Jennifer. Gemma is the most loving, kind, happy dog. Knowing the Bully Crew helped her makes me smile.

The New York Bully Crew rescues animals (dogs, cats, even horses) from around the country, as well as from other places such as South Korea. This proves that the New York Bully Crew sticks to their motto — rescue has no borders. If you see a mistreated animal or an animal that needs help, tell a parent or someone you trust so they can take action. 


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