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My father, a New York City police officer, makes me proud

Kidsday reporter Phoebe Falk, of Bowling Green Elementary

Kidsday reporter Phoebe Falk, of Bowling Green Elementary School in Westbury, and her dad, police officer Michael Falk. Credit: Phoebe Falk

 Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a police officer? My dad is a police officer. He works at One Police Plaza in Manhattan.

My dad is the leader of the hostage negotiation team. When I say hostage negotiation team, this means when people call 911 and they are in a crisis, my dad talks to them until they feel better or until help arrives.

My dad has been a police officer for 20 years. Before he worked at One Police Plaza, he worked at a precinct. He would take my brother and me to visit. When I would go to his precinct I would see cool things there including cameras, prison cells, detectives, and lots of paperwork.

New York City was one of the first cities to have a hostage negotiation team. There are 130 people on the team.

Police officers can help us in many different ways. They can help us by protecting us when we are in danger. They can also help us when we are lost. So the next time you see a police officer, say "Thank you for keeping us safe."

Patricia King's fourth grade class, Bowling Green Elementary School, Westbury

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