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New York Equestrian Center is the place for horse lovers

Kidsday reporters Lilly Garofano and Gianna Burke with

Kidsday reporters Lilly Garofano and Gianna Burke with trainer Megan and horse Applejacks. Credit: Garofano family

Have you ever heard of the New York Equestrian Center? It’s a great place to go if you love horses as much as we do. Gianna’s favorite thing to do is trail rides, and her favorite horse is Layla because whenever she’s on trail with her, she starts trotting even if we’re not allowed to trot. Lilly’s favorite horse is Tinkerbell, a palomino pony loved by many younger horse enthusiasts. Probably because Tink was the very first horse she’d ridden at the NYEC. Kids can even volunteer there starting at age 13 and you can start working there at age 16 with permission from your school. The employees there are extremely nice. One of them told us a story about Gilligan, a big chestnut Quarter Horse. She said they say he’s kind of like the “hero horse.” He can always find his way home no matter how far he’s wandered, and if anyone gets hurt, he makes sure they are taken care of right away. This a great place for horse lovers.

It’s located at 633 Eagle Ave., West Hempstead. Website: and their phone number is 516-406-9673

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