If you were walking down 47th Street in Manhattan last week, and noticed a plethora of people outside of the NHL Store, it's because New York Rangers All-Star Rick Nash teamed up with Playmobil to unveil their new play sets.  Fans were able to purchase an action figure and take a photo with the real-life Rick Nash in front of a full-size Zamboni machine right there on the sidewalk.

The NHL Playmobil (playmobil.us) toy line has a variety of pieces kids can play with. The new Playmobil Hockey Arena comes with 76 pieces including: 2 All-Star goalies, 2 All-Star players, stickers, pucks, a scoreboard, and much more. You can purchase additional figures including the original six teams separately.

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The figures have stickers you can use to personalize each player - of course we chose #61 - Rick's number. Each player also comes with a spring-loaded trigger to shoot the mini puck with. At the end of each period, kids can break out the NHL Zamboni Machine mini figure which comes complete with stickers, gloves, a driver, and a referee.
What do we think about the new Playmobil toys?

Justin Ronzoni thinks, "It is fun and cool compared to the old Foosball set because you can move the players with your hands.  Reporter Matt Verby says, "It's awesome to be able to move the pieces around freely." Nick Cinelli, who beat Rick Nash at the game says, "It's a great new way for kids to experience the game of hockey and you get to break out the Zamboni machine and take it for a spin." Conner Frank says, "They're easy to play with, fun to use, and very durable."  With the holidays just around the corner, these are perfect gifts to surprise your child with - hint, hint!