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New York Ravioli, from an attic to the nation

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Lingfei Zhao

New York Ravioli & Pasta Co. started in 1983. They started off in an attic and kept increasing their work space as the demand increased. Their location kept changing until they found their current location, now in New Hyde Park. New York Ravioli is so good and so popular it is sold nationwide.

New York Ravioli had many ups and downs in finding their current home. Originally, Paul Moncada and his business partner David Creo started off producing ravioli in an attic as a side job when they were in college. They both knew they wanted to go into business together and had a passion for food and family gatherings. At that time, their main customers were people that lived nearby and local businesses. They started off with six types of raviolis and two sauces. As their demand for ravioli increased they also came out with more products. Currently, they sell over 200 different products.

New York Ravioli produces fresh ravioli as well as other products each day. The process of producing ravioli is not as complicated as it seems. The dough is first made and then put on a roll, where it is later inserted into a machine to get cut to the perfect size. There is a different machine for each type of pasta made at the factory. Different sized and shaped ravioli are also made on separate machines. After the dough is cut it is then filled with the wide assortment of fillings freshly made that morning. Some choices are mushroom and lobster.

After they are filled and sealed shut, they are ready to be packaged. Twelve raviolis are placed in each box and with a worker’s assistance arranged nicely. After this step, the raviolis are shrink wrapped and placed in the freezer to stay fresh. New York Ravioli products are available for purchase at many food stores near you. They come in all shapes and sizes and there’s something for everyone to love!

You can find out more by visiting them online:, or you can pick some up yourself! 12 S. Denton Ave., New Hyde Park. Call: 516-741-7287.


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