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'Newsies' Luca Padovan talks to Kidsday

Kidsday reporters Stephanie Cefalo and Diana Hadjiyane from

Kidsday reporters Stephanie Cefalo and Diana Hadjiyane from Levittown met with actor Luca Padovan who stars as Les in the Broadway musical "Newsies" right after his performance at the Nederlander Theatre in Manhattan on Jan. 15, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Recently, we went to see the Broadway musical, "Newsies." We loved it! After seeing the show we were able to meet Luca Padovan who stars as Les, one of the street urchins in the musical. Luca, 10, is from Bayside, and he is so great in the show!

What is it like working with a cast that is so diverse in age?

Well, you learn definitely . . . They're, like, real close and they're really nice and it's great. It's definitely a lot of fun to work with [everyone]. It doesn't really matter, age, to me -- they're just great.

How did you end up getting the part?

I saw the show on Kids Night on Broadway and I absolutely fell in love with it. After the show I looked at my mom and I said, "I want to be in this show . . . this is just the best show ever." So when I found out there was a curtain call, I went. They called me back and they called me back again and then an hour after the final callback I was still in the car and my dad was driving and he gets a phone call from my manager and she said to him, "He didn't get the part. Let me talk to him and I'll let him down easy." And then my dad gives me the phone and she, says, "You got the part! You're going to be in 'Newsies.' You're going to be on Broadway!" I was bawling my eyes out. I told my whole family and they were very, very happy.

How do you juggle work and school?

I go to school four days a week, and since Wednesday there's the matinee I don't go to school, but I call friends and catch up on homework and tests.

Do your friends outside of Broadway treat you any differently?

No, not really. They're still the same people and they're still funny and awesome and they're my friends so they don't really change.

Do you prefer being in musicals or would you rather be in a nonmusical type of performance?

Musical because it's more singing.

How does being on Broadway affect your social life?

Well I definitely have a lot more followers on Twitter now, but that's pretty much it.

Was it hard memorizing so many lines?

Not really. If you love it like me then it's not hard at all. You just want to keep saying them over and over again. Like in school, everybody's trying to memorize all the songs. Everybody that sees the show, they try to memorize the song and I keep singing it over and over again and that's how I memorize the whole entire song.

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