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My dad and I get signatures of pro football players

Giants quarterback Eli Manning with Kidsday reporter Michael

Giants quarterback Eli Manning with Kidsday reporter Michael Borzumato. Credit: John Borzumato

What is Project 32? Project 32 is something my dad and I came up with. We are football fans, so my dad wanted to start a project that we could share. We pick one player from each of the 32 NFL teams and get their autograph on their team helmet. It is so much fun to spend time with my dad and to meet football players at the same time.

We meet some players who are really old and some who are still playing. Some of them are nice and some of them are just mean. The first person we met was Joe Montana. My favorite player we have met so far was AJ Green.

The most popular places to meet these players are in New Jersey, Virginia and New York. We once raised a lot of money for the Best Buddies charity and met Tom Brady in Massachusetts. We have been to Canton, Ohio, where the Pro Football Hall of Fame is. You can meet many great players there, plus you can look in the Hall of Fame building where they have old statues of players.

We have 24 out of 32 players done so far. My dad gets the large helmet signed for himself and I get the mini helmet signed for me. We are waiting now for some players who do not sign very often. It is worth the wait when you finally see the player. This includes players like Cam Newton and Peyton Manning.

I have so much fun with my dad when he brings me there. I get an awesome autograph and a great photo with the player, and I get to spend time talking sports with my dad. I hope to pass them down to my kids one day!

Jennifer Guerriero’s fifth-grade class, St. Patrick School, Smithtown

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