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NFL Experience Times Square tested our football skills

From left, Eve Arevalo, Jayvien Echevarria, Michael Standel

From left, Eve Arevalo, Jayvien Echevarria, Michael Standel and Mavin Iannotta at NFL Experience Times Square. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

From the 4D movies to the interactive games, NFL Experience Times Square in Manhattan is probably one of the most fun things we have ever done. After meeting former NFL star Rashad Jennings we did a tour of NFL Experience Times Square. It was incredible, an experience we will never forget.

During NFL Experience Times Square, we went into a “32” room, which has jerseys, helmets, footballs and computers that were on a website they made. The computer showed a site that showed you plays, top players and stats for any team that you picked.

The next floor was even cooler, with machines that you can test to see if you have what it takes to be an NFL player. One machine showed how powerful you had to be to push an opposing football player. There were places to pose for pictures and a game with a target on a screen behind a net about 5 feet away that you had to hit with a football. The target was a player’s hands. This is where we met Rashad, but that’s a different story.

We watched a 4D movie that showed games, training and the Super Bowl. The theater itself is amazing. When the player got hit, your chair shook, like you were getting hit! It was so cool.

When you go downstairs you get to the celebration room. Inside there is a full-scale metal Super Bowl trophy, real diamond Super Bowl rings and a green screen to take funny pictures. When you exit there is food. There were a lot of choices and we were told they change the menu to match the teams playing. Lastly, we stopped at the gift shop, where there were jerseys, masks, footballs, books, Funko pops, keychains, bracelets and Legos.

It was an honor to be chosen to go and we suggest it for a special occasion. We give it 4.5-5 smiles.

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