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Test driving the Nighthawk scooter

Kidsday reporter Helmer Ventura says he "went zooming"

Kidsday reporter Helmer Ventura says he "went zooming" on the Nighthawk scooter. Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

We played with a new 12-volt Nighthawk Ride-On (Rollplay) scooter and had so much fun with it.

The scooter has a seat and two spots for your feet. There are handles on each side for you to hold onto. The Nighthawk can tilt from side to side.   A lot of kids in our class wanted to go on the Nighthawk. It felt like you were in Mario Kart but in real life.

Sean: “When I went on, a friend dared me to do a 360 spin. At first I was nervous but then after, I went really fast. I saw that there was a corner and thought it would be easy to turn until my leg came off the scooter. Then I put my leg on and drifted to the left. After the first turn, I got the hang of things.” 

Helmer: “When I went on, I was kind of nervous because I thought I was going to break it. I went zooming. It was so sick, I felt like a beast! I went zooming and I was tilting left to right.”

Even though it is already fast, we want it even faster! We think it would be perfect if the Nighthawk had a reverse feature so you can go back whenever you want. It's currently avail at, and Amazon. We rate this ride on a 4 (out of 5) smiles.

Mary Kate LaSpisa’s fifth-grade class, Evergreen Charter School, Hempstead

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