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Nintendo 3DS Kirby Triple Deluxe review

I played the Nintendo 3DS Kirby Triple Deluxe. One day on Popstar, a planet far from ours, a hero named Kirby is happily living his life and eating a lot. Later, large stems grow from beneath Kirby's rock-shaped house, wrapping around Kirby's home and a small patch of ground and lifting them into the air. The plant, called the Dreamstalk, branches out to King Dedede's castle, where a spider-like creature swiftly defeats his minions and captures him. Kirby, witnessing this catastrophe, chases the creature, Taranza, into the first world, a grassy sky-high floating island. He then crosses through six worlds of Sun stones, Bosses, Extra Stages and more.

In this game you have to swallow and fly from place to place. You jump onto Warp Stars to switch from two different paths on your adventures. You have all sorts of powerful abilities that you unlock as you play. My favorite was HyperNova. With that, Kirby begins to glow and is amplified a lot.

This game had a nice story, long game play, good bosses and a decent soundtrack.


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