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Nintendo 3DS XL is worth buying

Some of us got to take home and try out the Nintendo 3DS XL console. It was a great experience. It is so new that we didn't even know its features.

There are a lot of features on the 3DS XL console. One of the features is that it has a 3-D display. Another feature is it comes with cards that have characters on them from different games. For example, one card has Mario on it from Super Mario Brothers, and one has a question mark, which means it is a mystery card. When you put a card in front of it, that character will come alive on the screen. You can even take a picture on it!

You can play many different games on the DS. Some of them are Island Tour Party, Madden Football, Face Raiders and Bowser's Tower.

We think the 3DSXL is an amazing game system. It is the best Nintendo system we ever played. We rate it a perfect 5 smiles.

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