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Nintendo Labo construction kits reviewed by LI kids

Kidsday reporter Jacob DeFillippo reviews a Nintendo Labo

Kidsday reporter Jacob DeFillippo reviews a Nintendo Labo construction kit. Credit: DeFillippo family

Nintendo Labo is a set of cardboard structures that you make yourself. When done, it turns your Nintendo Switch into fun games that you control with your own movements.

We reviewed the Robot Kit ($79.99) and the Variety Kit ($69.99). Both kits include different activities that you build first and then play.

Is it worth buying? Yes, we think Nintendo Labo is worth buying because there are many activities within the Robot Kit and Variety Kit to keep you busy and having fun for hours. There are different modes you can play. For the robot, there is free roam, battle, locker (customizing your robot), and calories (how many calories you have burned). Our favorite was the robot because we felt there was more we could do as we played the Labo game. All of the Labo pieces were very durable, and we think they would last for many hours of playing.

How long does it take to build? It took us two hours to build the robot. For the variety pack, it took us six hours. Nintendo Switch provides video directions to help you assemble the pieces. We felt the video directions were tricky to follow. However, we needed help from an adult with only one step, which required folding cardboard into pieces.

Emily Cole and Kathy Devine’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville

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