Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Nintendo's 3DS XL rocks with Super Smash Bros.

We tested the Nintendo 3DS XL and the Super Smash Bros. game. You can be on this thing for days and not get tired. The graphics are amazing! Although they only have six games, it is really fun. One game was archery, which was extraordinarily exciting. You're given targets and you need to hit them. The best part is that since it's a 3-D system, you can turn the DS and everything on the screen turns with you. On the last level you get to go against a dragon -- it's sick!

There is also a game called Space Raiders. You take a picture of someone, the picture turns into a clone, and then you get to shoot the pictures with balls. Another fun game is Graffiti, where you can draw anything and then move it around. We think this is the coolest thing on Earth!

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