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Good Evening

Nishiki in Selden, a different kind of restaurant

Are you looking for a great place to go with your family? Then you should go to Nishiki, a hibachi restaurant in Selden. Nishiki is very colorful and fancy. When you walk in there are big glass doors, a small bar in the lobby, colorful lights and a TV, and the environment is modern, loud and bold. We like Nishiki because they have really good food. It's fun and very funky, and we have a great time there every time we go.

On the weekend we would recommend getting a reservation because it gets very crowded. We asked the manager of Nishiki, Joe Chi, a few questions about the restaurant. Nishiki has been in business for four years. They do birthdays and other party events so if you want to have a fun and awesome birthday party, then go to Nishiki. If you go to Nishiki for a birthday party, the employees will bang a drum, sing happy birthday and bring out ice cream with a candle. The employees get their training from the kitchen and train for at least six months. They chose to have a hibachi grill area in their restaurant because people want something different so they chose this way to cook.

It is located at 329 Independence Plaza, Selden., Call 631-698-9888. Their website is

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