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Good Morning

No-talking contest

How long can you stay quiet in class? Our class had a contest between the boys and girls to see which group could go the longest without talking. Everyone was nervous to do the competition because you could only talk to our teacher if she spoke to you first.

Some kids got out right away by calling out things they wanted to talk about. Other kids wrote on Post-it notes and passed it to their friends. Even this way was frustrating because kids couldn't really understand each other. The girls were beating the boys for most of the competition when slowly, instead of passing notes, they would forget and start to talk. In the end, the boys wound up being the group that talked the least. However, they only won by two kids.

It was hard for me to be the judge because kids thought I was being unfair toward the girls because I wanted the boys to win. But even I got cut for talking. It was a good competition and I learned that in school, it's really hard not to talk to your friends.

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