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Good Evening

North Fork visitors need to mind their manners

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Si Yue Jiang, Melville

This weekend was the unofficial start to summer, and for those of us who live on the North Fork of Long Island, it means a lot more visitors. We are so happy you come out and see our beautiful towns and beaches, but we do have a few requests about things we have noticed:

  • Be more cautious of people around you when you are driving. Some people drive horribly when they come out here.
  • Be more respectful of your surroundings. We were at a store in Mattituck and witnessed a city lady who came into the store and trashed the clothing clearance section!
  • Please be careful and drive at the right speed and stay safe. When they come to our small-town streets (such as Love Lane) they tend to get in a car accident because they are used to driving in a big city.
  • Please stop at stop signs. Drivers must be on the lookout when they come out here.
  • Slow down. There are very fast drivers. They should drive a little bit carefully especially because you never know if deer cross the road, especially at night.
  • Watch what you say. Sometimes people say bad words in front of kids and that is not be good because kids might wind up saying them.
  • Be kind. When some city people come out here, they act as if they’re special, as if they’re kings and queens and can be rude to other people because they’re rich.

Amy Brown’s fourth-grade class, Cutchogue East Elementary School

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