Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

What I loved about going on a cruise with my family

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kayleigh Bennett

I went on the Norwegian Gem cruise ship with my uncle Eric, my grandma, my aunt and my cousin. This was an amazing cruise.

As soon as we got on the boat we went to get some lunch because after checking in and getting our room cards we were starving. My uncle kept complaining how on other cruises he got a bottom room with no balcony. So this time we surprised him with a top room next to us.

Once we surprised him we went to the room, changed clothes and went to the pool. My cousin Max and I got very burned. l did not care but my cousin did.

While on board we swam in the beautiful pool, had a special party and sailed to the Caribbean.

I loved our bedroom. We had a bunk bed, a full-sized bed, a couch, a bathroom, a fridge and a coffee machine. We went to Florida, the Bahamas and Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island. At the end of the cruise we went to a super-fun party. My cruise was super-fun.

I hope that if you go on a cruise, it will be as amazing as mine.

Theresa Moskowski’s fifth-grade students, Walnut Street School, Uniondale

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