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Nucleus Intercom helps connect those near and far

Kidsday reporters Christian Cordova and Aidan DaGrossa tested

Kidsday reporters Christian Cordova and Aidan DaGrossa tested the Nucleus devices. Credit: AnnMarie Drosman

A Nucleus Intercom is a great way to connect with friends family and, if you are older, co-workers.

Some good things about the Nucleus is that it has a 360-degree-angle camera. It also offers great privacy. It has a privacy slide so it can cover the camera to prevent anyone from spying on you. The setup process was very easy, too. You follow the steps on the screen, then you click the button that says “It’s Really Me” on your email account. It has a long cord so it is very convenient. You can mount it on a wall (it has parts for that). It’s great to share with another family member who lives in another place, and you can contact each other so easily. It also connects with your phone.

The only thing we didn’t like was the price. It costs about $200. So if you were to set it up in every room in the house, that would be expensive.

This system uses the same concept as FaceTime and Skype or other video chatting apps, except you can mount this on a wall. This is the best: If you have a younger sibling who is in another room, you can keep up with what the sib is doing. This also has a feature that lets you connect with Amazon for easier shopping. To find out more, visit


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