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NY Islanders’ Kyle Okposo talks to Long Island kids

NY Islanders player Kyle Okposo with Kidsday reporters

NY Islanders player Kyle Okposo with Kidsday reporters from left, Frank Jones, Sarah Anderson, Ari Schaffer and Ryahn Khan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We attended the New York Islanders practice and met alternate captain and right winger, Kyle Okposo at the Islanders practice center in Syosset.

At first we were nervous, knowing that we were in front of a bunch of famous hockey players, but eventually we realized that they are human, too. Watching the practice was very interesting; we saw all the talent it takes to make it in the NHL. Skating backward and catching up with the opponent while he was skating forward, with more momentum, looked very hard. We were so impressed by how fast they move the puck and their moves to get around the defenders. Since the practice net is very small, they tended to miss the net quite often, and the goalie mostly saved the shots, but when one of them scored the whole team cheered. They completed their practice by jogging around the rink.

Finally the time to interview Kyle Okposo had come. We were extremely nervous. This was going to be the best experience of our lives. We didn’t know if he was going to be as nice as we had hoped. But we were so pleased and excited when he walked over. He answered all of our questions and he was the nicest person we’ve ever met. One question we asked was, “Do you have any mentors that helped you become a better player?” He answered, “My high school coach. He not only was a great coach, but he also helped me in life outside of the rink.” Kyle was very humble for someone who is so successful.

He is now one of our role models and we hope to grow up to be as nice and successful as he is. Meeting him was easily one of the most amazing and inspiring experiences in our lives.

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