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NY Rangers Rick Nash met with Long Island kids at Toy Fair in Manhattan

NY Rangers left winger Rick Nash with Kidsday

NY Rangers left winger Rick Nash with Kidsday reporters from left, Vincent Roman, Joseph Moryl and Tyler Mazzella. Credit: newsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to New York’s Toy Fair at the Javits Convention Center earlier this week to meet NY Rangers left winger Rick Nash. The interview took place in the Playmobil toy booth. All along the side wall, there were Playmobil toys organized by the month they are being released to the public.

We spotted the Playmobil Ice-Hockey Arena and snuck over to play with it, right behind Rick Nash. This product, along with a line of other NHL items, was introduced to the market in October. The orignal NHL line focused on the Original Six hockey teams. The additional 12 teams were announced this week and are set to launch this spring. For all teams, the figures (player and goalie) are sold individually.

We knew Rick was an excellent hockey player, but he also proved to be a kind and considerate man. He answered all of our questions and signed autographs. In addition, we received a signed Playmobil Rangers toy player. The best part of the day was when he sat down to play the Playmobil Ice-Hockey Arena game with us. We now can all say we played hockey with one of the Rangers’ star players!

Out of them all, the set Vincent liked most was the water park set. The set consists of the water park with slides, water park play area, baby pool with slides, and the Splish Splash Cafe.

Joseph is a fan of the new Space Station sets. One of the sets is a space shuttle. There also is a huge launchpad that has a rocket on the platform. In another set, a satellite shot missiles at an asteroid. With this toy you can make thousands of different stories and use your imagination to create different scenarios. After you build it, there are lots of interactive buttons that shoot, release and do different things. This product is very new and really fun. It’s great for ages 6 and older. If you like sci-fi and technology, you’re bound to have fun with this toy!

Tyler liked the Playmobil’s Take Along School House. part of the City Life line and for ages 4 and older. She wrote: “Kids of all ages, including me, will like this because kids love to play school. With this portable schoolhouse, they can have fun on the go.

This fun schoolhouse opens and closes for easy and quick access. It includes a friendly teacher and students. Like any school, it has a chalkboard, colorful desks and writing utensils. The red-brick background includes a bookshelf. Adding to the bright background are maps and diagrams. The schoolhouse triggers imagination and learning in all kids. I can envision many kids creating their own scenarios of school life with this toy. Playmobil also offers other school playsets that may go well with this imaginative toy. The only downside is that this set is not available until July.

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