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Obstacle Athletics extreme sports gym puts your skills to the test

Kidsday reporter Charlie Gruber, of Candlewood Middle School,

Kidsday reporter Charlie Gruber, of Candlewood Middle School, Dix Hills, working out at Obstacle Athletics in Deer Park. Credit: Ruth Gruber

Are you interested in attempting to climb a 20-foot-high wall, walking across a tightrope, or swinging like a monkey across challenging obstacles courses? Obstacle Athletics allows you to do just that and much, much more! Obstacle Athletics is an extreme sports playground that puts your fitness abilities to the ultimate test.

You are required to apply all of your strength, balance, speed and endurance in order to conquer the challenges. The seesaw balance beam definitely required the most balance and patience while the rings needed upper-body and abdominal strength in order to get from one handlebar to the next. The running wall required speed and, of course, some help from the coaches as they give expert pointers to help you. I felt the bar courses were the most challenging of the adventures because they required the most strength and in addition, it was difficult to find a solid grip and movement.

Despite many challenging obstacles, there were also some easier ones, so there is something for people of all different skill levels. Also, there are mats all around, so the fear factor lessens and coaches will help you succeed and meet your goals.

I recently spent the afternoon there with friends and family, and there were people of all ages and different athletic abilities. You will sure have fun while visiting Obstacle Athletics' fitness playground!

Info: 770 Grand Blvd. #4, Deer Park,

Maria Lennon and Erica Schultheis’ writing club, Candlewood Middle School, Dix Hills

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