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Oh, deer! A Kidsday debate

Everyone on the North Fork has an opinion

Everyone on the North Fork has an opinion about deer. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Emma Mulhall

If you live on the North Fork of Long Island, you know there are a lot of deer out here. There are so many that no one lacks an opinion about them. We have opposing points of view:

Gael’s opinion

Deer are a pain because they can carry ticks, eat your plants and are very dangerous to drivers. On the side of the road there is lots of vegetation. Deer will come out of nowhere and run across the road to eat. It is hard to see a deer until it’s too late. So many people have a damaged car or are being injured from colliding with deer.

Also, these ticks that the deer carry can come with Lyme disease. This disease can be passed on to people and make them very ill. It may also have long-term side effects for some, such as memory loss, rashes and bone pain.

Deer can also eat your plants, which is a pain when you’ve been growing them for a while. A way to keep them out is to put up fences. Fences should be very tall because deer can jump really high. You can also use repellents throughout the growing season, make noises and shine lights at the plants, but these tips might not work 100 percent of the time.

Mary’s opinion

Many people on the North Fork deer-hunt. Some people do it for fun, or they do it because they want to eat the food and use everything. Then there are people who hunt and leave them there to die, which is bad.

I feed deer, and they are so special. We feed them and give them water. We named one buck Kevin, and he ate out of my mom’s hand. This is why we should not kill deer.

Hunting should be only for the people who kill them and use everything.

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