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Kidsday reporter visits Old Westbury Gardens

Kidsday reporter Joshua Kiaei at Old Westbury Gardens.

Kidsday reporter Joshua Kiaei at Old Westbury Gardens. Credit: Kiaei family

Old Westbury Gardens is a beautiful, humongous garden, and I think you should visit.

It has beautiful views, and a lot of people go there for weddings. It is a place for people who love flowers. There is also a mansion full of history about the owner, but I’m not going to spoil it for you — you should go see it for yourself because it is a sight for sore eyes.

I go to the gardens every year because it is so beautiful. I filled a whole album with pictures, and it was a huge album. If you had to compare the garden with the mansion, the garden is way bigger . . . and way more beautiful.

Old Westbury Gardens is a great place to go after a stressful day. It can cheer you up to have a great day. It doesn’t have a view of the water, but it is beautiful anyway. It can purify your heart. They even have concerts, book signings, gardening demonstrations and workshops. I like the cafe, and you can fill up on the big, yummy muffins and cookies, especially the black and white ones.

I love Old Westbury Gardens. You should go, too — it is 100 acres of pure beauty, located at 71 Old Westbury Rd., Old Westbury;

Jennifer Green and Renee Remi’s fourth-grade class, Saddle Rock Elementary School, Great Neck

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