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Open mic at school can help build confidence

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Blanca Gonzalez-Norio

At our school, we have a fun opportunity at lunch called “Open Mic.” We both love open mic.

Open mic is where you get to sing, tell jokes, say riddles and have fun doing it with your friends. You can even choose your own song if you want to. You can also make up your own riddle or joke. We have experienced this and we think it is a great way to overcome your fears if you have them. It can also help you to be a more confident person. It’s a fun thing to do. You can meet many new friends and they can compliment you.

Even if you don’t go up to the mic, it is fun to watch kids perform. We think it’s fun to do and we think kids can get over their fears or being in front of the crowd. It’s an interesting way to have fun with your friends. You can have a choice of doing it with your friends or on your own.

As Kerilee said, “You can be a more confident person.” This is at the cafeteria and our principal, Michelle Notti, announces when it will be held and who will be going up to sing, tell jokes or tell riddles. Before you do that, you fill out a paper and write the performers, the date, your name and write what are you going to do. If you sing, you write the lyrics. If you tell a joke or riddle, you write it down. It’s also a great way to meet kids.

What do you think? Do you want to have open mic if you don’t have one at your school? What would you rather pick, performing by yourself or with a couple of friends? If you don’t have one, try to change your principal’s mind.

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