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Operation SPLASH tackles pollution in Long Island waters

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Alyssa Pascale, East Northport

Operation SPLASH is a program based in Freeport that helps sea animals in the ocean. It makes sure no animals are hurt by the garbage that some people put in the water.

SPLASH stands for Stop Polluting, Littering and Save Harbors. From their website we learned that SPLASH boats patrol our local waterways. Over the past three decades, volunteers have removed more than 2 million pounds of trash, marine debris and navigational hazards from our bays, beaches and waterways.  

Some people get confused and think it is OK to drop stuff down a storm drain. That trash goes into the bay and from the bay it goes to the ocean. This is why we should not toss trash into the storm drain, because it will really affect animals in the sea. It takes you only an extra second to recycle something instead of letting it go down the drain.

When people toss garbage on the ground, they are littering. Littering causes a threat to our health and brings harmful germs and bacteria to sea creatures, too. Some animals get confused and think trash is their food, so they eat it and die.

We learned about Operation SPLASH in a program at our school. We enjoyed learning about how we could help the environment in this program. Thank you, SPLASH.

To learn more about how your school can get involved or how you can help on your own, visit

Theresa Moskowski’s fifth-grade students, Walnut Street School, Uniondale

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