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Organics Today farm grows fruits, veggies in East Islip

Kidsday reporter Hailey Gifford learns about organic gardening.

Kidsday reporter Hailey Gifford learns about organic gardening. Credit: Gina Cerulli

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Did you know that some fruits and vegetables are organic? Organic foods are foods related to or derived from living matter.

Be sure to visit Organics Today, a farm located in East Islip. When Organics Today started about 10 years ago, it was a property full of sand. Michael Massino, the owner, took the 3-acre property and turned it into land full of soil and now plants. The soil gets made with a blend of compost and horse manure. The horse manure has lots of nitrogen. Then he takes barrels and bins full of water that have been collected in the greenhouse pipes. The water is either from snow or rain, so there is no wasted water. The soil gets put into flats, or containers, from Feb. 1 to April 1, that’s about eight weeks. On April 1, the seeds get put into the ground but they’re not fully grown yet. Next the seeds are left to grow fully until they are ready to be harvested. Organics Today not only sells vegetables and fruits, but they sell meats, too. This farm has pies but they’re not organic. Michael’s friends make the pies — with lots of butter and sugar.

Michael started his farming business because “I wanted to do something for the community and wanted to provide the community with fresh produce that was inexpensive,” he said. “I started to get sick of restaurants, too. I really wanted little kids to understand where their food comes from. When I lived in Italy they had huge farms and I wanted to re-create Italy’s farms.”

Head over to Organics Today this Memorial Day weekend at 169 Washington St. in East Islip. Or visit them online at They even give walking tours. Get your class to visit!

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