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Our adventure challenge at Buckley Day Camp

Kidsday reporters Kate Juhel and Ava Nappi at

Kidsday reporters Kate Juhel and Ava Nappi at the Buckley Adventure Camp. Credit: Barbara Juhel

Buckley Day Camp offers a wide variety of workshops for kids to choose from. Some of the workshops are cooking, circus arts, diving, gymnastics and science. One of the unique and popular workshops is called Adventure Challenge.

Adventure Challenge is a low-ropes and high-ropes course on the campus that includes many different choices. We start with activities that build trust like the whale watch challenge, where we have to get the whole “crew” on the “whale watch boat” without it tipping to either side. It is actually a large board on a balance beam that tips to both sides that we have to run up onto.

Then we move on to more difficult and scary challenges, such as the vertical playpen, swings and rings, the multi vine, the rock tree, the caterpillar (centipede), the sling shot and the zip line. For most of these, we have to climb up really tall trees and then work our way across ropes up in the air that are tied between huge trees. We do this by using our balance and strength to grab onto sturdy ropes, blocks, tires and rings.

My favorite challenge is the zip line because it goes very fast and it makes me feel like I am flying. I like to hang upside down from the harness.

These challenges are made even harder when we do them blindfolded. For the ones where you have a partner, sometimes we are not allowed to talk to each other to make the challenge harder. When our counselors hold us in these trees, I feel safe and secure because I know they are holding me tight in the harness and will never let me down.

Overall, Adventure Challenge is super fun and safe and I love doing it. It makes me feel really strong on the inside and out.


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