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Good Afternoon

Our big-time interview with Big Time Rush

Kidsday reporters (l) Jonathan Prevete, Carly Thorne, Peter

Kidsday reporters (l) Jonathan Prevete, Carly Thorne, Peter Marjowski and Gianna Pirraglia, all from Stagecoach Elementary School in Selden with Big Time Rush (l) Carlos Pena, Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Kendall Schmidt. They interviewed the band at Sony Offices in Manhattan. (June 11, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met Carlos, Logan, Kendall and James, the four members of one of our favorite groups, Big Time Rush, at the Sony offices in Manhattan recently.

Tell us about your CD.

Logan: "24/Seven" is our new album, and we pretty much wrote the whole thing . . . I think it's doing pretty well right now, actually.


Was there anything that has not been covered or done on "Big Time Rush" that you would like to do?

James: Well, we actually finished filming our fourth season, so if we do a fifth, what's something we would like to do.

Logan: I would say skydiving. We had talked about it.

Kendall: We had a couple of ideas we pitched to the guy who writes the show. Like a big-time mountain trip. Big-time snowboarding.


What do you guys do in your free time?

Kendall: We go snowboarding when we can. We only made it once this season.

Logan: We're big moviegoers. I like to go on a vacation once in awhile. If we have free time, and if it's a lengthy period of time, a vacation.


Can you really play hockey?

James: So we play hockey players on TV, and we're not so good at hockey.

Carlos: I'm pretty good at it.

James: When was the last time you played?Carlos: Well, I played street hockey with my bros.

James: That was when we were filming an episode, and we weren't very good.

Kendall: We've checked each other on the show. James has a scar.


Who are your best celebrity friends and noncelebrity friends?

Carlos: Best celebrity friends, Kendall, Logan and James. We have no friends; we have each other.


Which is better, having a band or having a show?

Logan: Having a band on a show.

James: This project wouldn't be the same if it was just a TV show or just a band. We'd have a lot more time if we [just] did the TV show, but we get to tour.

Logan: Concerts are more fun.


If you weren't an actor or singer what would you be?

Kendall: I would be an astronaut. Realistically, I would be a scientist and try to go to the bottom of the ocean. The actual lowest point in the ocean is called Challenger Deep.

Logan: I would be a world traveler. It's not really a

profession, but it's more like a hobby/lifestyle.


Where is the coolest place you ever performed?

Logan: Mexico City was really cool. We performed with Justin Bieber, and that was a huge venue.

Kendall: Then, we did our own show in Mexico City. We went back, and there was 17,000-18,000 people. It was great. And we're going to go back again.

James: Rio was fun.

Logan: It was fun, plus it was cool visiting Brazil.

Carlos: Lima, Ohio, was crazy. It was literally Three Time Rush. It wasn't a favorite, it was memorable. We literally did a show without you. Do you know how hard that was? Singing all your parts [looking at Kendall] and rode around in military hummers and met a sheriff who gave me my dog.

What is your favorite candy?

Carlos: Twizzlers

Logan: Reeses

Kendall: Sour Belts

James: Snickers

Is it hard to be famous and always think about what others think about your decisions in your personal and professional lives?

James: None of us stress out about that because none of us have anything to hide. So we love our jobs, we have really cool jobs. In terms of what the public thinks of us, we hope they focus on our professional lives and the music we put out and the TV show. If they want to dig into our personal lives, all good, too. Because, frankly, we have a good time and spend most of our time working.

Kendall: Everything that we've heard so far, anyone who has ever mentioned how they feel about us, [it] has been nothing but good things. We try to keep a positive outlook and try to be good role models. So that's all we try to do.


Do you wear Nickelodeon pajamas?

Logan: Yes, we do.

James: If they gave me Nickelodeon pajamas. I'd probably rock the band.

Kendall: I have a SpongeBob iPod. As far as Nickelodeon type things.

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