Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Our bike hike to Orient State Park

We took our bikes for our field trip

We took our bikes for our field trip to the beach. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ava Cocheo

Have you ever ridden a bike to a place that’s more than a mile away? Well, Oysterponds fifth-graders did. Our destination was Orient State Park.

The ride started off as any other school field trip. We got on a bus and drove to the entrance to the park. We then got our bikes and put our helmets on, and we were on our way. The actual bike ride to get to the park was about 25 minutes. We then sat at a picnic table where our teachers were waiting. They gave us a piece of paper that said “Scavenger Hunt” on the top.

Our instructions for the hunt were to find items in the beach area of the park. We were allowed to have up to three partners. Some items that we had to find were a heart-shaped rock, beach glass, sunglasses and a beach toy. My group found most of the items except for a beach toy.

After the scavenger hunt, we helped clean up the beach. We found some pretty weird and neat things. We found fish heads, horseshoe crab shells, water bottles and even a bouquet of roses. After about an hour, our lunch arrived. Every time I tried to eat, the seagulls were watching me as if they were cats and I was a mouse.

When we were done eating, we packed up our stuff, got our helmets on and rode back to the entrance, where the bus would pick us up and bring us back to school. Even though the trip went by so fast, I will remember this forever.

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