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Our class loves our stick bugs

Did you ever see a stick bug? You may have passed by one and not even noticed because their bodies resemble sticks.

Stick bugs are great pets. They are also our class pets. We have a cage filled with them. They don't really do much, but they are fun to hold and watch.

They have three legs on each side of their bodies and have antennae. Our stick bugs are brown, but not all stick bugs are brown. Some change color like chameleons. Stick bugs don't bite -- they are defenseless. Stick bugs shed their skin and regenerate their limbs if they lose one escaping from predators.

Stick bugs live for about a year. But the cool thing is they are always having babies. So there are always new baby stick bugs to watch. When stick bugs are babies, you can barely see them, so watch out. I like to hold and play with the stick bugs.

Stick bugs not only look like sticks, they act like sticks. Stick bugs can play dead; if they are harmed or scared, they will drop and not move at all.

Taking care of stick bugs is very easy. You just feed them lettuce. You can spray them with a water bottle or you can get two whole sponges and make sure they are wet. Stick bugs like to have sticks in their cage. They do not like the cold.


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