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Our class pets: bird, bunnies, reptiles and more

Kidsday reporters Krithika Vulavala, left, Marina Cerrato and

Kidsday reporters Krithika Vulavala, left, Marina Cerrato and Ava Brady enjoy a visit with the class pets. Credit: Veronica Weeks

Our class has nine very active pets. Prepare to be blown away into a jungle when you hear about these amazing pets in our classroom!

Our first pet is Boris. He is a Russian tortoise. He is very energetic and constantly tries to get out of his tank. We take him out of his tank sometimes. He loves to be out of his tank with us. He is a great class pet.

Maggie is our lop-eared bunny. She needs a big cage. She loves to make lots of noise and dig in her cage. She also loves to eat. Don’t put your fingers in Maggie’s cage!

Nike is our Russian dwarf hamster. He is a marathon runner, like our teachers. He is either running around or getting his sleep. He also loves trying to stay hydrated. He is tiny but mighty.

Marshmallow is our lionhead bunny, who is as white and fluffy as a marshmallow.

Clover is our red-eared slider turtle. We got her for St. Patrick’s Day last year. She loves sunning herself on her rock. She usually sleeps on the bottom of her tank, so her head reaches upward when she breathes.

Banana is our parakeet. We got him when two girls told our teachers that there was a parakeet outside on the playground. Mrs. Weeks went and rescued him. We reached out to the community to see if anyone lost a pet, but no one claimed him. So our teachers decided to keep Banana as a class pet. He is the loudest in the classroom.

We got Tiki last year at a reptile expo. He is a crested gecko. He has a tank that is filled with leaves and branches. We barely see him because he is camouflaged. His tank needs to be sprayed with water twice daily because he needs a moist habitat to survive.

We have two fish in our goldfish tank. Their names are Big Bertha and Mr. Chubbs.

Well, that’s it with our awesome pets. They make coming to school fun just for having them in our classroom. We love being able to hear the sound of nature because they are with us.

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