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Our dog Cash's incredible journey

My new dog's name is Cash. He is named after Johnny Cash, the singer. He came from North Carolina, and we brought him all the way up to Long Island.

We rescued Cash from a backyard in North Carolina. Believe it not, he was chained up to a pole for almost four years. Neighbors in the area were so worried about him. My mom's friend told us about Cash and we had just lost our dog. My sister, Kelsie, and my mom took a 10-hour drive to North Carolina to get him.

Our family has always had rescue animals as our pets. He is a black Lab-border collie mix. He is very energetic and gets along with cats and always tries to have fun with other dogs.

Cash is happy to meet everyone that will be nice to him. Cash is 4 years old. He likes to play with people and we love to play with him.

At night he watches me go to bed and then checks on my sister before he settles down for the night in my mom and dad's room.

I think Cash is the best dog I have ever met. I am happy we gave him a home.

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