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Good Evening

Our dream cafeteria has karaoke and theme days

How would you jazz up your cafeteria? We

How would you jazz up your cafeteria? We suggest theme days, gaming stations and bowling, to start. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

Have you ever thought about your dream cafeteria at school? Imagine a place where you can not only eat delicious food, but you can have a lot of fun, too.

Have you ever wanted a better selection of food in your cafeteria? We got your back. Our school cafeteria is being renovated for next year, and we have our idea of what should be done with it. We believe that every day should have a theme. For example, Subway Monday, Taco Tuesday, Whatever You Want Wednesday, Grilled Cheese Thursday, and last but certainly not least, Fast Food Friday. But don’t worry, there’s dessert every day.

Imagine all these fun, crazy things: a stage, karaoke, DJ, bowling alley, the entire floor is a rainbow, a disco ball, colorful lights, glow-in-the-dark everything, trampolines as walls, a simulator, a VR station, a gaming station, waiters and rainbow ball chairs. That’s our dream cafeteria — this could make you have the best lunch ever!

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