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Our enrichment program

The enrichment program helps your mind accelerate in a subject of your choice. It enriches your knowledge of something you know or don't know.

At my school, there is an enrichment program. We have it weekly, and it is a great way to find out more or get better at something you really like to do. There are different choices of what you can do: sports, games, jewelry making, band, dancing, violin, guitar, cooking, comic books, chess, cursive writing, art, improving, newspapers, robotics, and photography.

Sports help improve your hand-eye coordination and agility. Robotics helps to make your programming and building skills better. Cursive writing makes writing a whole lot easier. There is something for everyone here, whether it is jewelry making, violin and guitar or something else entirely.

You can learn a lot from the enrichment program. Sure, it is fun, but there is also learning involved. Every school should have this.

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