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Our 'Epic' talk with Amanda Seyfried

Actress Amanda Seyfried from the movie "Epic" with

Actress Amanda Seyfried from the movie "Epic" with Kidsday reporters Jamie Antelo, Bergman Eguez and Sarai Hernandez from Central Islip. They are in the Mandarin Orange Hotel in Manhattan .(May 18, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Action, excitement, humor . . . the new animated movie "Epic" has something for everyone. The funny scenes were all handled by Mub and Grub (Aziz Ansari and Chris O'Dowd). Silly faces and moving body parts kept us laughing. Mub's crush on Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried) provided many funny lines as he tried to keep Nod (Josh Hutcherson) away from MK. The quirky dog, Ozzy, was hilarious and lovable because he ran around in circles and bumped into things.

Queen Tara (Beyoncé) was down to earth and very brave as she tried to protect Moonhaven from destruction. Mary Katherine was charming and funny and we enjoyed her reactions to her father's antics. We like the way the colors were cool and bright when the Leafmen were on the scene and the way it all changed when the evil Boggans tried to take everything over.

We give it five out of five smiles.

After seeing this great movie, we met Amanda Seyfried and talked with her about her role in the film. We asked her how she felt about the way her character looked. She said, "I feel good about the way they made my character. I think she's really brave. I think she's really smart because she knows what she wants in life."

We wanted to know if it is hard to make an animated movie instead of a live-action movie. Amanda said, "It's hard to make both. It's harder to make a cartoon movie because you have to use your imagination. Some days you feel super imaginative, you go outside and you can imagine all these things happening to you and some days you don't feel it as much. And I would have days like that where I would go in and I wouldn't have anything I'm in a room like this and it was hard. But the thing that's hard about making real movies, live-action movies it's really long days and you have to get your costumes on and you have to keep going even when you get tired."

We loved her character, MK, but we wanted to know who was her favorite? Amanda said, "Queen Tara. She's just so great, you're so attracted to her. She's so magnetic, she's just so at ease, so happy. I really like her character. And Beyoncé seems like the same person. I think she's very similar to Queen Tara. We should tell her that."

After watching your movie, is there anything about your character that you would like to change? She said, "No, not even a little bit. I think she's super cool and I would like to be more like her. Good question!"

We wanted to know what was her favorite movie she has ever acted in. Amanda said, "I would have to say 'Mamma Mia.' That's my favorite movie. I really liked Greece. I got to shoot in Greece and we got sing a lot and it was fun."

Finally, we wanted to know if there was someone who stood by her side whenever she had a difficulty in her life. Amanda replied, "Oh, yeah! My mom. She's always there. Every step of the way, she's always there. So it's good I'm lucky to have a mom like that."

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