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Our flipped classroom is fun

Our sixth grade is doing a flipped classroom. A flipped classroom is when you do schoolwork at home and hands-on projects at school. This makes school more fun.

The way this works is that first, our teacher records herself teaching a lesson. Then, students watch this recording at home. The students are given reading assignments, writing assignments and videos to watch.

The next day, our teacher gives us a project to do at school, since we did some of the learning at home. An example is when our class used the extra time to collect leaves and dirt, and mixed it with banana and orange peels to make compost.

Our class hasn't completely implemented this, but we are trying the best we can. We believe our flipped classroom can get to the point where we do not need desks. The classroom will have couches and a conference table. It is unknown how many schools use the idea, but the flipped classroom has spread over the past few years in grades K- 12. Doesn't it sound like fun?

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